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Firefighting Project

November 11, 2021

Latest company case about Firefighting Project


A construction vehicle loaded with cement ash suddenly caught fire while driving to the Shangguan Tunnel of the Jiujiang-Tongshan Expressway. Fortunately, rescuers from the local fire station rushed to the scene, extinguished the fire in time, and successfully rescued the construction vehicle and the driver.

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latest company case about Firefighting Project  1
Facing the thick smoke and dense toxic gas at the scene, the rescue work could not be carried out normally. Two team members could only wear FUTURE TECH LIMITED's protective equipment and grope forward. After determining the location of the fire vehicle, another team member went to the rescue in full armor. After 10 After many minutes of fire fighting and rescue, the fire was finally brought under control, and the thick smoke in the tunnel slowly dissipated. After the vehicle cooled down and confirmed that it would not re-ignite, the team members handed over the fire scene to the high police for their return journey.

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