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Water affairs consulting field project

March 28, 2018

Latest company case about Water affairs consulting field project

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As you see,the water affairs,Energy conservation and environmental protection, Field of Engineering Environmental Geology.



1. Water affairs consulting field
(1) Water impact assessment of construction projects (water resource demonstration, water and soil conservation and flood impact assessment), demonstration of water-related matters in primary land development and land control regulation adjustment; monitoring and acceptance of construction project water impact (water and soil conservation);
(2) Flood impact assessment of river-crossing and river-crossing projects;
(3) Hydrogeological survey, design and construction of cold and hot water well sinking projects.
2. Energy conservation and environmental protection
(1) Environmental impact assessment of construction projects, special articles on environmental protection for regulatory adjustments, and environmental protection acceptance of construction projects;
(2) Survey, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites;
(3) Development and utilization of geothermal and shallow geothermal energy.
(4) Energy saving assessment
3. Field of Engineering Environmental Geology
(1) Geotechnical investigation of construction projects;
(2) Geological hazard risk assessment, survey and design;
(3) Geological environment investigation and restoration design of abandoned mines;
(4) Engineering survey.

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