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Futuretech Products for mining environments


Latest company news about Futuretech Products for mining environments

The Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines (EHS Guidelines) are technical reference documents that include general and industry-specific examples adopted by Good International Industrial Practice (GIIP). It specifies indicators and measures that are generally considered achievable in new facilities using cost-effective, existing technology.


EHS issues related to mining activities, including mineral sands processing facilities, during the exploration, development and construction, operations, closure and decommissioning phases (including post-decommissioning phases), and make recommendations on how they can be managed.


The following are notes on lighting, machine and equipment safety from the EHS guidelines.


Lighting Guidelines for Underground Mining Operations


Lighting systems for planned work in aisles and work areas should be adequate and safe.

Other specific lighting guidelines for underground mining operations include:

1. Underground lighting should fully ensure the safe operation of all operations and the safe movement of workers and equipment

2. Install permanent lighting to provide adequate lighting in: all workshops, service garages and other locations where moving machinery or equipment could cause injury; main well yards and those in use; first aid stations; Trestles, drives and transfer stations;

3. Additional independent sources of emergency lighting shall be provided at all locations where the normal lighting system may fail. The emergency lighting system should be able to be turned on automatically, the lighting should be sufficient to allow workers to complete an emergency stop, and it should be routinely tested;

Workers should wear miner's lamps during underground operations. During the working hours of a shift, the maximum lighting 1.2 meters away from the light source should be guaranteed to reach at least 1 500lx.


Mining site and activity design lighting minimum average



Minimum Lighting/lx

Emergency lighting 5
Walkways and Corridors 5~10
Dynamic Locations - Production and Development Areas 5~50
Non-recurring tasks and simple manual tasks area 50~100
Intermediate to high precision manual task studios and areas 150~400


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Machine and equipment safety management methods

To prevent and control hazards associated with the use of machinery and equipment, visibility enhancements should be implemented throughout the mining process.

Specific visibility management methods include:

1. To enhance visibility, use different color contrasts on equipment/machines, including reflective marking;

2. Use mobile equipment/machines equipped with improved operator sight lines;

3. Issue high-visibility work clothes to workers;

4. Use reflective markings on structures, traffic intersections and other areas where accidents may occur (e.g. walls at stationary locations should be painted to increase reflectivity);

5. Use appropriate lighting in areas where equipment/machinery makes frequent and rapid turns and turns;

6. Install safety barriers at high-risk locations on internal roads/traffic corridors. Barriers can be constructed from trash or other materials that stop vehicles. See General EHS Guidelines for recommended management practices for specific spaces or extractive operations.


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