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How to choose Safety Helmets ?


Latest company news about How to choose Safety Helmets ?

What is a safety helmet?

It is crucial and mandatory to using the safety helmets on almost all work sites and manual working environments. Industrial safety helmets are the most common and basic form of PPE.

The outer shell of safety helmets is usually made from polyethylene, with the inner harness having a system of strips made from polyethylene or woven bands. The headband has adjustment mechanisms that can change its wearing height and its length to increase stability when worn.


Choosing the right safety helmet

Safety helmets are only required on an as-needed basis, then they do not need be worn the safety helmet if a risk assessment does not identify any risks of head injuries. However, different construction sites may operate their own rules, and safety helmets are mandatory if a risk assessment has identified the possibility of head injury, regardless of the nature of the construction work, or the size of the project.


It is important to consider some several factors when choosing a safety helmet. It is first necessary to identify the task to be carried out by the worker as well as the constraints and risks of the activity that need to be provided for. The level of protection required from a safety helmet varies according to the activity. For example, a construction helmet cannot be used for demolition work because it does not offer the same protection


No one helmet is perfect for everybody and there are several trade-offs to consider when deciding which is right for a work environment. Firstly we need to do some compare the is the performance and comfort.


High-performance helmets are relatively heavy, and though they offer maximum protection, unsupervised wearers may be tempted to remove the more cumbersome designs, leaving them with no protection at all, so there may be a need to balance protection with comfort to ensure compliance.

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The different types of safety helmet


Bumb Cap

The bump cap offer the lowest level of protection with a close-fitting baseball cap style and provide padded protection against knocks from static objects. They are widely used suitable for a variety of places,such as Vehicle manufacture and maintenance, Loft insulatio Plumbing,Removals,Loft insulation,Warehouse.


Safety helmet – lightweight
In recent years, lightweight helmets is becoming more popular. Being light, there is less material in them, so they are useful if there is a very low risk of anything falling on the head, such as in low-rise construction, utilities and highway maintenance.For someone working on the side of the roadway, or telephone or electrical engineers inspecting a cabinet, or a worker lifting a duct cover in the road, there is no actual danger of anything falling, but a helmet is needed in case a stone or another loose object flies up and hits their head.
Safety helmet – standard
The safety helmet will be suitable the wearers who could hit by a falling object when they are working, and is the most common type of helmet used in the workplace. 
Safety helmet – Industrial
The more traditional model of the industrial safety helmets usually weighs around 400g to 500g with a robust shell of uniform thickness. This is ideal for applications such as workers excavating foundations in a hole, where there is a chance that something may fall on them from the side as well as the top and hit them on the head.
High-performance industrial safety helmet
The High-performance industrial safety helmet is intended for use on sites where objects and debris are likely to fall, such as in mining and quarrying. They are widely used suitable for High-rise construction,Mining,Demolition,Heavy construction,Tunnelling,Refinery, oil and gas.
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Helmet life
Helmets are intended to provide an in-use lifespan of up to 5 years from date of first use or removal from storage. It should be noted that mobile workers who keep their helmet on the rear parcel shelf of their vehicles in direct sunlight should be aware that this constitutes use (the sunlight causes progressive brittleness). If the helmet is used in an aggressive environment or incurs excessive wear and tear then the lifespan will be shortened.


Employers should determine what sort of lifespan is appropriate for the different applications across all work environments, and ensure that a suitable replacement policy is published and applied. In the event that a helmet survives an instance of impact from a falling object, the helmet should be replaced immediately, as it may have been weakened without any faults being visible.

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