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Jihua Group Co.Ltd and Future Tech Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

December 26, 2016

Latest company news about Jihua Group Co.Ltd and Future Tech Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

On December 26, 2016, Jihua Group Co., Ltd. and Future Tech Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the field of different safety products.

Jihua Safety Shoes Co., Ltd. was founded in 1912 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the “Asian Top 500” Central Enterprise Jihua Group Co., Ltd., which is a military enterprise whose main business is the developing and manufacturing footwear,working clothes and other safety products.

The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of leather, leather shoes and rubber products, is also national scientific and technological achievements promotion demonstration enterprise , domestic important military shoes, special shoes, professional shoes and rubber double-density shoes and boots. base. The company is ISO9001 approved, The company's products have been exported to the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Cuba, South America, Africa and other more than 80 countries and regions.

The company has strong independent innovation ability and market competitiveness. The company has strong technical strength, and has established the China Leather Shoes Research Institute, which has a shoe product research and development center, a tannery laboratory, a rubber laboratory, and a testing center. In recent years, the company has continuously increased its investment in science and technology, and actively promoted cutting-edge technology research while vigorously promoting the upgrading of technological equipment. At present, the company's overall technical level of footwear has reached the domestic first-class, international leading level.

The company's products have been equipped with the Tiananmen flag class, the three armed guards, the United Nations China Peacekeeping Force, the Chinese People's Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong, the 50th anniversary of the National Day, the 60th anniversary military parade, and its troops and the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Public Security and other governments, Industry sector. In August 2012, the company's product research and development center and the Naval Medical Research Institute jointly developed and produced the aircraft carrier deck work boots exclusively produced by our company, which is equipped with the first aircraft carrier"Liaoning" in China.

The company's products have won the "National Quality Product Gold Award", "China Leather Logo Brand Product", "China Leather Shoes King", "National Customer Satisfaction Product", "Military Brand Product", "National Inspection-Free Product", "China Famous Brand" ", China's top ten national brands" and hundreds of honorary titles at all levels.

The company has built a domestic first-class, internationally advanced tannery and shoe production line. It has seven advanced shoe production lines purchased from Germany, the Czech Republic and Taiwan. Four world-class DESMA dual-density rubber injection machines and supporting shoe production lines imported from Germany and Italy. The level of footwear and equipment has reached the domestic leading level and the international first-class level, especially the rubber doubles in the international market. Density leather shoes production has a strong production capacity. The company's core competitiveness is outstanding. It has a strong competitive advantage in the domestic military products market and a high share of the military orders. It has large-scale production and processing of various military shoes, special shoes and boots. , the system of dispensing shoes and boots and all kinds of export shoes and boots. The company invested tens of millions of RMB to build a world-class DESMA rubber injection shoe equipment and supporting production line, using the world's advanced rubber double-density technology to develop and produce technology-leading differentiated products - rubber double density injection military Footwear enjoys a good reputation, strong competitive advantage and broad market prospects in the international market.

The company's product structure is divided into four categories:

adhesive structure, molded structure, adhesive seam (Goodyear) structure and double density structure.

Professional footwear with acid and alkali resistance, puncture prevention and antistatic can be made according to requirements. The company's research and development direction is to implement two major breakthroughs: breakthrough in comfort, shock absorption, cushioning, health care, and wear resistance; breakthrough in nano leather, temperature-controlled shoes, and hot-dissolving environment.

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