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Professional Miner Cap Lamp Li-Ion Battery Miners Headlamp For Hard Hat

Professional Miner Cap Lamp Li-Ion Battery Miners Headlamp For Hard Hat

Hard Hat Miners Headlamp

Li-Ion Battery Miner Cap Lamp

Miners Headlamp For Hard Hat

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Future Tech

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Product Details
Rated Capability:
4.5Ah(li-ion Battery)
Rated Voltage:
Continuous Discharging Time:
Main Light LED Working Voltage:
Main Light LED Working Current:
Main Light Power:
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Minimum Order Quantity
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Product Description
Safety: All in one case with ABS plastic material , make very good feature of
explosion-proof, protection in electrical short-circuit, automatic power-off on the
socket , 100,000 hours LED’s Life
Reliability: The high strength case , optimized structure design and MCU control
make the product more reliable
Portability: Just a head lamp , Small in size , light in weight , simple charging , easy
Efficiency: more than 15hours working time , more than 8500lux at the starting time,
and more than 6000 lux after12 hours continous lighting, battery usage life 1000
cycles, display cap lamp number , time , battery capacity by 4 LED digit , 6pcs 5mm
backup LED’s.
Environmental: Li-ion battery is free maintenance, and the material of li-ion is
environmental , use 1Watt high power LED to save power
Economy: three times longer than lead and acid cap lamp and saving in maintenance
makes the product more compatible in price
Water resistant : 2 meters
2. Major technical specifications:
Features KL4.5LM Specifications
Rated capability 4.5Ah(li-ion battery)
Rated voltage 3.7V
Continuous discharging time >15h
Main light LED Working voltage 3.2V
Main light LED Working current 0.35A
Main light Power 3W
Main light Luminous flux >100Lm
lamp lighting degree (distance 1 meter)

>8500Lux (at the starting time)

>6000Lux (after 10 hours working time)

Main light Usage life hour >30000h
Weight <210g
Accessory light Usage life hour 100000h
Short circuit protect time <15ms
Usage duration of battery (recharges) 1000 recharges (in reasonable working condition)
Charging time ≤ 8hours
Charing voltage and current 5V@1000mA


3. Operation procedure
Main LED and backup LED ON/OFF : Press lamp button( a lamp mark on the button)
one time , Main LED on , Press Lamp button again , Main LED off , backup LED on ,
Press lamp button again , back LED off . press lamp button for next cycle.
Display cap lamp number, time ,capacity : Press clock button( a clock mark on the
button) one time, display lamp number , Press clock button again , display current
time, Press clock button again , display current battery capacity (four squares is full ,
three squares means 3/4 capacity , two means 1/2 capacity, one means 1/4 capacity,
one square blink per 20 sec. Means have to be charged again and the battery
capacity only can light for about one hour) , press clock button again , all LED digit off ,
if there are no button be pressed , after 20 sec. The LED digit will automatically turn
Clock set : Press clock button and hold about 3 sec.s , the hour will blink , release
clock button , press lamp button to set the hour , press clock button again , minute
high bit will blink , press lamp button to set the minute high bit , press clock button 
again , minute low bit will blink , press lamp button to set the minute low bit, press
clock button again to confirm and finish clock setting.
Cap lamp number set : For management of enterprises only ,ask agent for help.
Charging :
Charger input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz , 0.3A
Charger output : DC 5V@1000mA
Manufacturer provide charger to user , please use it only
When long-term storage is needed , charging should be done within two months.
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